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Thornhill School Show - Thornhill School Thornhill School Show

Posted by Louise Meah at 9:43AM on 16 June 2015

Thornhill presents Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat



Featuring Diamond Hall and Richard Avenue Junior Schools.

The show ran for 3 days and was a sell out on each night, a massive well done to everyone involved.















At 4:46PM on 16 Jun 2015, anonymos year 7 said...
im in the production and im only in yr 7. Im so excited and im hoping people like/love it
At 11:38AM on 17 Jun 2015, ell fishcake said...
it will be brilliant yey omg yey : 0
At 8:54AM on 22 Jun 2015, connor williams said...
I am in the production also and I am a year 7
At 5:24PM on 23 Jun 2015, Holly-Grace Hughes said...
I'm in this years production and I have to say the cast is a group of the nicest people I have ever met! Thanks all the cast for making my first appearance in a show an amazing experience ??????
At 8:58AM on 26 Jun 2015, connor williams said...
that was the best I started crying at the end I am going to miss the joseph production thank you to Mr miller ,Mr ward and miss crane and a big thank you to miss Barron and because of this I know what I want to be I want to be an actor and the main part of this production is the band and the audients
At 10:11AM on 03 Jul 2015, ben parkinson said...
hi everybody this show was a wicked night well worth £3 singing was excellent night loved it came all 3 nights was so good thanks for 3 brilliant nights!!!
At 1:59PM on 08 Jul 2015, leah and becca said...
I loved being a part of this show and I made some new friends so I will be doing the show next year
At 2:01PM on 08 Jul 2015, anon yr8 said...
I was part of the show and it was excellent!
At 12:22PM on 09 Jul 2015, Skye Meah said...
This was a great night well done owen and the rest! well worth £3 hope next years show is just as good
At 9:27PM on 15 Jul 2015, Mrs McGrory said...
This was an amazing show. Well done to everyone, front of house, back stage, lighting and sound, incredible actors and singers, musicians and costumes. I was delighted to be there to witness such a wonderful production. Our family are still singing songs from the show. Thank you all.
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