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Thornhill Visit to Morocco - Thornhill School Thornhill Visit to Morocco

Posted by Louise Meah at 3:22PM on 15 July 2015

After catching a very early flight the team landed safe and well in Morocco a little tired but still smiling.

So far they have enjoyed playing football and rounders with children from the village and enjoying some of the local food.

A very good morning message was recieved from Asni, where the team started the project. It was not long before they all looked like wet sponges after moving 4 tonnes of sand and gravel to make a path to connect two sets of stairs.

They are all doing well and morale is high, but its very HOT!!




After a 6 hour up hill trek the group arrived at the base camp, they are all very tired but morale remains high. A few mules were used to help move a few people who still felt a little weak, but everyone remains positive and hungry to reach the summit.

It was an early 5:30am start and a 5 hour trek but the group managed to reach the summit at 10:15am with all 18 pupils successfully achieving this incredible challenge. After desending and having an afternoon to relax the group arrived back in Marrakech where morale was at an all time high as they have bartered a good price with a local hotel which has a pool !!!

Mr Redford said: It has been an incredible honour to have shared this experience with such a fantastic group of young people.


Watch the group reach the summit here!



At 9:13PM on 15 Jul 2015, Mrs McGrory (Emma McGrory's Mam) said...
Everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time! So pleased to know they are working and playing hard but gosh it looks hot.
At 9:30PM on 15 Jul 2015, Mrs McGrory said...
Glad you all made it to Morocco. Have a fabulous time.
At 9:38PM on 15 Jul 2015, Christine Clark said...
Looks like a good time is being had by all.
At 11:49AM on 16 Jul 2015, anna said...
so happy that my little angel is doing something proud xxx love Anna Spencer (Kristina's geldard)
At 8:11PM on 16 Jul 2015, C. Simpson ( lyndans aunty) said...
Great to see some photos. Have a fab time x
At 10:35AM on 20 Jul 2015, Mrs Richardson said...
Well done everyone, really proud of you all!
At 2:19AM on 23 Jul 2015, Maria McGrory said...
A great big thank you to all the staff who made this experience so fantastic for the pupils. They have had an amazing adventure and made friends for life.
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