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Top School in Sunderland - Thornhill School Top School in Sunderland

Posted by Louise Meah at 9:14AM on 29 July 2015

Thornhill celebrates as the highest performing secondary school in the city 2015.

Pupils and staff are proud that this year’s government school league tables placed Thornhill in the top spot as the highest performing secondary school in the city. No other school could match the academic progress made at Thornhill over the last five years.

The celebrations turned to jubilation as further inspection of the figures revealed that Thornhill has performed significantly better than the majority of outstanding schools in the country.

Mr Hallworth, Executive Head Teacher, commented ‘Thornhill has long been at or near the top of the city performance tables but this year has truly seen outstanding results for our youngsters. They have proved that the standards of education here are among the highest in the country! For our parents it is a fantastic guarantee that they have made the right choice of Secondary school for their child’


At 7:52PM on 30 Jul 2015, Maria McGrory said...
Fantastic news! Well deserved affirmation for hard working pupils and staff. Well done.
At 1:27PM on 20 Aug 2015, -A said...
I am very happy with my grades. Done better than what I expected.
At 10:04AM on 08 Oct 2015, -A said...
At 1:12PM on 09 Feb 2016, yamina begum said...
I love school and the teachers
At 10:16AM on 15 Mar 2016, ben bransby 16 faraday grove said...
thornhill rocks
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