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Virtual tutor group sessions - Thornhill School Virtual tutor group sessions

Posted by Louise Meah at 5:14PM on 20 November 2020

As of Monday 23rd November, in order to further support any pupils working from home we are initiating a virtual tutor group via Zoom.

The purpose of this is to check in with each of our pupils daily and to ensure our pupils are set up for a day of learning.  Staff can support pupils with any issues they may have.  Mrs Cavanagh and Miss Gray will lead Monday's tutor group session which will run from 08:45 until 09:00.

Links to the Zoom meeting are available on Pupil Timetables in Class Charts.  Simply login to Class Charts and select Timetable and underneath your tutor group you will see the link to join the Zoom meeting.  Alternatively, you can download the Zoom app from and enter the meeting ID and passcode.  We will shortly be trialling the use of live lessons and we will share links to these in the same way.

The link to Monday’s session is

Meeting ID: 844 1650 4441                           Passcode: 0000

Future daily Zoom links will be displayed on pupils' timetables in Class Charts along with any other live lessons available.

We will be recording the attendance to our daily tutor sessions and welcome your support in ensuring your child attends if they are learning from home.

Mrs Crooks

Assistant Headteacher


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