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We Will Rock You sensation! - Thornhill School We Will Rock You sensation!

Posted by David Lupton at 1:31PM on 02 July 2013
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Thornhill School's performance of the West End smash hit 'We Will Rock You" completed its 3 night run in some style by enrapturing the crowds who attended each performance.

The performance of the cast and crew was magnificent, and the hard work during the seemingly endless hours of rehearsals really paid dividends.


Congratulations to all that took part, we look forward to some of you continuing the great tradition of Thornhill Pupils who go on to make a careeer in the arts. Well done!


At 8:22AM on 04 Jul 2013, Alexa said...
Excellent show, well done to all the cast, back stage crew and staff, the show last night was fantastic & you have all obviously worked really hard. Well done!
At 9:54AM on 04 Jul 2013, Student said...
It was great! Had a fun time. Since i was working / helping out there too! The show was great! People seemed to have loved it!
At 8:25AM on 05 Jul 2013, Mr. Sheikh said...
FANTASTIC performance and work by everyone involved! Proud to be there last night and enjoy a super show by Thornhill pupils. Congratulations to the staff and helpers to make it happen! Thank you!! Mr. Sheikh & family
At 1:52PM on 05 Jul 2013, anna neal said...
i like my show and thank you for everything thank you x x x
At 7:40PM on 10 Jul 2013, Lindsay Loughton-White said...
Fantastic show outstanding performance from all involved , professional and fantastic show :)
At 12:42PM on 11 Jul 2013, Mr. Rice said...
Well done everyone- The spirit of Freddie was alive in that performance! My daughter and I loved every minute.
At 2:41PM on 12 Jul 2013, lloyd mordey said...
it was gr8 xxxx
At 8:48PM on 14 Jul 2013, Anonymous said...
The show was amazingly good, seeing it made me feel proud to be a Thornhill student. Well done everyone who took part and organised it.
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