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Wear something blue for Bradley - Thornhill School Wear something blue for Bradley

Posted by Louise Meah at 2:22PM on 13 July 2017

1 little boy’s smile can bring a whole nation together.

At just 18months old Bradley was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, with years of fighting and the treatment wearing him down, he still wore a smile that stood out from the crowd.

Although he was taken to heaven, pain free, his smile lives on just likes his legacy. Even though he was young and loved deeply, God needed another angel, looked down and saw Bradley.

At the age of 6 years old his story had hit a lot of people, and his urge to keep going inspired a lot of people                                        

On Friday 14th July wear something blue to show your support for Bradley and children with neuroblastoma. A minimum donation of 50p is required, with all proceeds going to The Bradley Lowery Foundation.

Pupils must still come to school in their school blazer, skirt/trousers and school shoes.

Something Blue For BRADLEYblue for bradley


At 12:12PM on 14 Jul 2017, katie booth said...
I thought this was a great idea and I totally agree with doing idea
At 12:19PM on 14 Jul 2017, Shakeel Ahmed said...
Sleep tight lil champ
At 12:19PM on 14 Jul 2017, Usman Ahmed said...
sleep tight lil bro
At 12:23PM on 14 Jul 2017, usman said...
sleep tight angel
At 12:30PM on 14 Jul 2017, Shakeel Ahmed said...
love you bradz always in my heart
At 12:02PM on 18 Jul 2017, summer cooperwaite said...
R.I.P Bradley ,my heart goes out to you and all your family.
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