Saturday 27 February 2021

Year 11 P6 Additional lessons - Thornhill School Year 11 P6 Additional lessons

Posted by Louise Meah at 5:58PM on 09 October 2020

Please see letter from Mr Redford outlining the additional lessons we are offering our Year 11 pupils to help catch up some of the missed learning due to COVID-19.

Additional "Period 6" lessons will start on Monday 12th October and will operate on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with the school day finishing at 15:50 for Year 11 pupils on these days.

We expect all pupils to make the most of this opportunity for each of their subjects and ask for parental support in sharing the benefits of this additional contact time for their education. The aim will be to focus on retention and retrieval of the course content to best prepare pupils for their exam success. This will support, but not replace, pupils own independent homework and revision. A guidance booklet has been issued to pupils, to be shared with parents, with support strategies which can be used in the run up to these exams and towards their final assessments.

Letter from Mr Redford re Year 11 additional lessons.


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