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Year 9 Pathways 2020 - Thornhill School Year 9 Pathways 2020

Posted by Louise Meah at 10:05AM on 07 May 2020

Dear Year 9 Pupils,

As a pupil in Year 9, you will be starting your Key Stage 4 GCSE courses in September 2020 and the time has come for you to begin to make important choices about your future. This year we will have to run our Pathways process very differently but we will strive to give the same level of advice and guidance as in any other year.

Very soon you will be receiving a pack in the post which will help to guide you through this process. Making curriculum choices in Year 9 is a very important part of your time in school. It is an opportunity for you to take control of your education and shape the way you want your future to be. It is important to choose subjects that will interest you and motivate you. Use the Guidance on Class Charts to help you get started and think about what you enjoy doing, what keeps you interested in something and what makes you work hard.

Good reasons for choosing an option

ü  You are good at the subject

√      You think you will enjoy the course

√      It fits your career ideas and plans

√      It goes well with your other choices

√      It helps to give you plenty of choice post 16

√      You think you might want to continue studying it post 16

√      Your research shows that it will interest you and motivate you to learn.

Bad reasons for choosing an option

×      Your friends have chosen it

×      You think it will be easy

×      You think it’s a good option for a boy/girl

×      Someone else thinks it is a good idea

×      You like the teacher you have now

×      You did not have time to research your options properly.

Remember that you are not alone in making these decisions, everyone in Year 9 is going through the same process. Teachers, friends, parents, carers and family will be able to guide advise and support you in this important decision making process.

The link to complete your online form is:

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your form tutor or the subject Director of Learning for information, advice and guidance on your pathways.

Pathways 2020 Booklet


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