Saturday 26 September 2020

Teaching and Learning Support

Please find below the email addresses of teaching staff to enable you to contact them directly should you need some additional support.


Job title

e-mail address

Anna Ashley

Directory of Learning - Maths

Jill Allan

PE Teacher - Primary Schools Sports Co Ordinator

Andrew Bewick

Directory of Learning - History

Sarah Briggs

Technology Teacher

David Chalk

Head of House /  Business Studies Teacher

Abbie Corrigan

PE teacher

Colin Craggs

Science Teacher

Gemma Crane

Director of Learning - Business Studies

Cherry Crooks

Directory of Learning - Art

Lauren Crossley

Gepgraphy Teacher

Annie Harris

English Teacher

Caroline Harrison

Deputy Head of House / English Teacher

Alex Harding

Science Teacher

Christopher Jones

Art Teacher

Mark Leadbeater

Head of House /  Musi Teacher

Jackie LeRoy 

English Teacher

David Massie

Directory of Learning - PE

Lisa McIlwraith

Directory of Learning - Science

Margaret McLeish

Religious Studies Teacher

John Miller

Directory of Learning - Technology

Iain Naylor

Maths Teacher

Kelly Neeson

Directory of Learning - Support

Kimberley Nutman

Business Studies Teacher

Lia Paczynski

Assistant Director of Learning - English

Micheal Poulton

Deputy Head of House / English Teacher

Megan Reed

Science Teacher

Gary Rice

Directory of Learning - Religious Studies

Julie Richardson

PE teacher

Debra Scott

Science Teacher

Angela Tench

Head of House /  Art Teacher

Debbie Todd

Directory of Learning - MFL

Mandy Tudor

English Teacher

Rayhan Uddin

Maths Teacher

Jenan Watford

MFL Teacher

Julie Watt

Curriculm Co Ordinator - Geography

Jenna Wilkinson

Maths Teacher

Georgina Willmore

Directory of Learning - English#

Penny Young

Deputy Head of House / Maths Teacher