Saturday 21 April 2018

Calendar of events

Calendar of events Spring term 2018

9th January

School opens for pupils

17th January

Review Day 8:00am - 7:00pm in the Main Hall

22nd  January – 2nd February

Year 10 Exams

23rd January

Girls Swimming Gala

30th January

Boys Swimming Gala

9th February

School closes for half term 3:10pm

19th February

School opens for pupils

19th February – 2nd March

Year 11 Internal Exams

28th February

Search for a Star 6:30pm

1st March

World Book Day

6th – 8th March

Year 7 Netball

14th March

Search for a Star Final 6:30pm

16th March

Sport Relief

20th – 22nd March

Year 8-9 Netball

28th March

School closes to pupils for Easter 12:40pm

29th March

Inset Day

11th – 13th April

Easter Revision School

16th April

School opens for pupils