Sunday 24 September 2017

Meet the team

10 Julie Richardson

Mrs Richardson

Jill Scorer

Mrs Allan

10 John Miller

Mr Miller

10 Penny Smith

Mrs Young

Paczynski Lia

Miss Paczynski

Telford Kelly

Ms Telford - SENCO

Primary Partnership Programme

Our partner primary schools are:

Barnes Infant Academy

Barnes Junior School

Diamond Hall Infant Academy

Diamond Hall Junior School

Hudson Road Primary School

Richard Avenue Primary School

Although the majority of our pupils join us from our partner primary schools, we are always pleased to welcome pupils from other primary schools in Sunderland…..the UK and even other parts of the world! 

Parents of children in all primary schools are welcome to apply for places. For more information and to apply for a place online click here.

We have a well established primary liaison programme whereby all pupils in our partner primary schools benefit from learning experiences here at Thornhill.  As well as specialist lessons in Thornhill, pupils in years 1-6 also receive teaching visits from Thornhill Staff in their own schools.

Our wide and varied programme introduces primary pupils to Thornhill and enhances a safe and successful transition process for those many pupils who join us for their secondary education.

Primary Liaison Transition Team

“Our aim is for pupils to experience a successful transition from key stage 2 to key stage 3”

All Thornhill teachers share this aim but our Liaison Team in particular work in close collaboration with primary staff and parents to ensure that we achieve our aim.  We pride ourselves in the care shown to pupils and this care begins even before children join us.  This means we get to know pupils (and many parents) before they become part of the Thornhill family so that when they do join us they feel happy, confident and ready to learn.  Parents can be assured of a close working relationship between home and Thornhill.

Year 7 pupil Charlotte Pallas 2015-2016

Hello my name is Charlotte. I am in year 8 and in 8H1. I really enjoyed my first year in Thornhill. The teachers here are really nice and supportive. They also make the lessons really interesting. Last year I joined netball and it was really good.

The school put on a lot of good shows, which gives pupils the opportunity to show off their hidden talents. Last year I entered Teachers Got Talent with my head of house Mr Leadbeater, I taught him how to Irish dance, but unfortunately he wasn’t very good and we didn’t win. I also took part in Search for a Star.

I am so glad that I chose Thornhill because I enjoy every day.


Joseph Parkinson Head Boy 2015-2016

Over the five years I was at Thornhill I was given so many opportunities, not only to improve my performance at school but also to grow as a person. School years are definitely some of the most important that someone will have in their lifetime, and I’m glad I spent mine at Thornhill, not only for the learning experience but also for all the memories that I left with.

Year 7 is the year that you’ll make all the new friends that’ll last all the way through to year 11, and in most cases through to college as well; I made lots of friends in Thornhill that I’m still close to in college, and it’s the friendly, community atmosphere of Thornhill that helped me get the confidence to say “hi” to new friends, and maintain those friendships for the next five years.

Apart from having the chance to have a brilliant education and leave with a wide range of qualifications, there are so many different opportunities and activities to take part in, for example I had the amazing chance to go with the History department to Berlin in February, which is one of the experiences that I won’t be forgetting any time soon.

I left  Thornhill in June with 14 GCSEs, 11 of which were an A or A* grade, and that would not have been possible without the amazing support from the staff at Thornhill and the opportunities that they gave me, not only through brilliant teaching but through the unwavering support I got in all aspects of school life, from the first day in year 7 all the way through to the last day of year 11.