Saturday 17 April 2021
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Art & Design/Graphic Communication

Examples of Art and Design and Graphic Communication are all around us, enriching our lives and the environment we live in. Pupils at Thornhill School are given the opportunity to appreciate the work of a variety of artists, photographers and designers. They are taught a wide spectrum of media and drawing skills which they build upon project by project, gradually becoming more independent so they are prepared for the challenges of GCSE.

Key Stage 3

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum aims to engage, inspire and challenge pupils in a rich and diverse range of Art and Design processes and practices. Pupils will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to purposefully experiment, develop and create their own personalised artwork with increasing proficiency and resilience. Pupils will enquire and think critically about Art and Design to inform their own ideas and thoughtful reflections. Pupils will develop an understanding and appreciation of how Art and Design both shapes and reflects our history, culture and creativity.

In year 7, pupils learn essential drawing and painting skills to enable them to observe and record with increasing fluency. They build upon the foundations at KS2 to develop their depth knowledge and skilful use of formal elements such as colour, pattern, texture and tone before combining all of these in an extended cultural project.

In year 8, pupils explore the Pop Art movement, its influences and how it influences art today. Through experimenting with media and analysing the work of others, pupils produce both 2D and 3D outcomes. Pupils develop their ability to respond imaginatively to the work of others in a creative landscapes project to round the year off.

In year 9, pupils explore meaning and messages in artwork through a Street Art project. Here pupils begin to express their own views and ideas with greater independence and conviction, whilst learning new printing and painting techniques. Pupils also revisit drawing skills through the theme of portraiture before developing their own personalised response to this theme

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4 pupils can currently opt for one of three GCSE specifications: Art & Design, Photography and Graphic Communication. These are all two year AQA courses and are based on 60% coursework and 40% externally set assignment. Coursework consists of students producing a portfolio of work which includes a minimum of two projects. Pupils build upon their knowledge and experience to analyse and evaluate the work of others as a source of inspiration. They purposefully experiment and develop their ideas using a wide range of traditional and digital media, often combined together. Pupils work with increasing levels of independence to explore and steer their own ideas. Pupils use this development to lead them to a personalised final piece. The externally set assignment follows the same process. The preparation for this is completed in lesson time over a period of several weeks before students have an un-aided, ten hour period of time to create their final piece.