Friday 22 January 2021

Wider Key Skills

What are Wider Key Skills Qualifications?

Wider Key Skills 1There are three Wider Key Skills: Working with Others, Improving Own Learning and Performance, and Problem Solving. These qualifications provide a way to accredit Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS).

Wider Key Skills can be personalised and applied to different programmes, ages, ability ranges and contexts within the 13-19 curriculum.

How can they be used?

The Wider Key Skills can be used to support learner provision, as partWider Key Skills 2 of an effective framework that maximises experiences by focusing on personalised learning and accreditation. They can also contribute to improvements in self-esteem, motivation and the quality of learning and performance.

Who are they for?

These qualifications allow learners to achieve at Levels 1 to 3 through generic learning opportunities, as part of the curriculum.

  • At Key Stage 3 learners identified as Gifted and Talented or Hard to reach can benefit from studying these process skills in a range of environments and contexts up to Level 2.
  • At Key Stage 4 they can be used to address a shortfall in GCSE performance points, through re-engagement activities.

What does it involve?

Wider Key Skills 3There is a standard for each skill, which is split into two parts: Part A covers what the candidate needs to know; Part B explains what the candidate must do. They serve to support the effectiveness of learning and performance through the process of Plan, Do and Review. The broad aim of the standards is to develop the candidate’s ability to:

  • Plan and organise activities (individually or with others).
  • Use different methods of working and learning to achieve objectives/targets.
  • Review progress and decide how to improve performance.

These skills can be demonstrated through a series of activities and recorded in a progress file, alongside candidate evidence showing their ability to plan their learning, follow the plan and revise it as necessary.

Candidates are encouraged to process evidence in a variety of ways, depending on the skill.

How is it assessed?

Candidates achieve this qualification by presenting a Portfolio of Evidence which clearly demonstrates their ability to meet the standards and shows their knowledge and understanding of the learning process. Each piece of evidence must be quality assured and available for moderation.

What is it worth?

Each Wider Key Skill is worth 18.8 points at Level 1, 34.5 points at Level

2 and 20 UCAS points at Level 3.