Saturday 17 April 2021


History has an important role to play in developing our pupils' understanding of the world they live in. At Thornhill School, pupils are given the opportunity to learn about and appreciate how past events have shaped the present with emphasis upon the development of the United Kingdom. Pupils are given opportunities to develop their skills through independent learning, team work, presentations and research.

By the end of Key Stage 3 pupils should have developed the necessary skills to succeed at GCSE.

Key Stage 3

History is taught as a discreet subject and follows the National Curriculum. In year7 The History of Migration in Britain, the Norman Conquest, The Middle Ages and the Tudors are studied.  In year 8 the Stuart's, Cromwell, the Industrial Revolution and the First World War are studied. In year 9 the Inter war Years, the Second World War and the Cold War are studied.  It is not simply the acquisition of knowledge that is encouraged but the development of the skills that will allow our pupils to become critical and analytical learners.

Key Stage 4

In key Stage 4 many pupils opt to continue with their study of History.  The department follows the EDEXCEL specification.  The topics covered in year 10 are the History of Medicine from 1250 to the present and Germany 1918 - 1939.  In year 11 pupils study Henry VIII and his Ministers 1509 - 1540 and the Cold War 1941 - 1991.

KS4 Course Details

The department has taken good steps to promote equality and pupils’ awareness of other cultures, highlighting these aspects in its curriculum.

OFSTED (History themed inspection report)