Monday 25 September 2017


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Modern Foreign Languages courses at Thornhill aim to equip students with the necessary practical communication skills required for work and leisure.  It also aims to provide students with the linguistic foundation for further study.  Studying a Modern Foreign Language also provides a cultural awareness for students.

Studying a Modern Foreign Language will open the doors to other jobs due to the fact that   the ability to speak and understand a foreign language remains a specialist skill.  Almost 60% of UK exports now go to Western Europe despite the fact that many companies still lack the specialist staff to conduct business in a foreign language.

Key Stage 3

In key stage 3 French is taught as a specialist subject and broadly follows the National Curriculum.  Pupils are offered the opportunity to learn, improve and develop their ‘knowledge, skills and understanding’ to make progress in this subject.

In year 7 most pupils study French and continue with their study of French in year 8.

Key Stage 4

In key stage 4 pupils have the opportunity to study a language (currently French) as one of their pathways and so they embark on a three year GCSE course. The department currently follows the AQA GCSE courses.

In the AQA course, there are 4 assessed units.  Listening and Reading are external exams which are taken in Year 11.  Speaking and Writing are controlled assessment units which can be taken over the three years.

At KS4 some pupils are selected to study Bengali uo to GCSE level.

KS4 Course Details

We have enjoyed our learning this year as we have been able to use the Interactive whiteboard and Linguascope.

We like using the whiteboard….

Year 7 pupil

As year 11 pupils who have studied French for 5 years, we feel that learning French has been very advantageous to us.  Our communication skills have improved greatly.  French is an asset in any career path not just teaching and translating as is widely considered.  French is a fun lesson and it has helped us to learn to respect other cultures.

Year 11 pupil