Wednesday 01 April 2020

Physical Education

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Physical Education is a compulsory subject and all pupils will have at least two lessons per week.  Pupils will participate in a variety of sports including football, rugby, netball, swimming, gymnastics, dance, health related fitness, tennis, badminton, athletics, rounders, softball, and cricket.  The focus of core PE lessons is participation, enjoyment and improved fitness levels. 

Lessons will often be delivered using the ‘Sport Education’ model, which allows pupils to fulfil numerous roles other than that of the performer.  Pupils drive the lesson and the teacher will act as a facilitator to support the development of their ideas.   An atmosphere of ‘by you, for you’ is very much prevalent.

At KS4 (Year 9-11) pupils will have the opportunity to extend their understanding of Sport and the benefits of participating in physical activity, by studying GCSE Physical Education.

The practical component of the course will promote continued skill development in five core areas: a chosen team game, badminton, circuit training, personal survival and swimming.  Pupils can also be assessed in activities that they participate in outside of school.  Additionally, there will be opportunities to coach and officiate.

The theory component of the course investigates how or body responds to exercise.  Also, we look at how we can best prepare ourselves physically and mentally to cope with the demands of sport and everyday life.  The world of sport is discussed, including major international sporting events.  Staff are keen to deepen students’ knowledge and passion for sport in the broadest sense.

Physical Education GCSE is graded A* - G, with the final grade being a combination of 4 practical scores (60%) and a 1.5 hour theory exam in year 11 (40%).

Students will be considered for GCSE based on their practical performance in lower years, their English and Math grades and finally, their contribution to sport both within school and outwith.

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