Monday 01 May 2017


D SC00932

The Science Department believes that the subject is a fundamental part of everyday life essential to our understanding of the world. It provides an opportunity for pupils to investigate their environment and seek explanations to satisfy their curiosity of how the world works, including SMCS.

During teaching the department strives to show all pupils that their positive contributions are valued, to value each other’s opinions and also to challenge them. We allow the pupils to co-operate with each other and the teacher to get each of them to develop feelings of self-worth and independence as well as to show consideration for each other and the natural world. 

The department aims to teach in a calm, caring environment and provides work that is both stimulating and challenging. We give each pupil the opportunity to contribute and we stress the importance of listening to other pupils’ opinions. Work is provided based on each pupil’s prior knowledge, understanding and skills and then used to extend and progress each of them.

The aims of the department are;

  • to provide an environment in which all pupils can improve their understanding of science and where all pupils are valued
  • to stretch each individual to their full potential increasing their science knowledge and understanding
  • to develop each pupil’s ability to evaluate evidence, to be able to form opinions but also to listen to the opinions of other’s.
  • to provide a fun learning environment where pupils learn through enjoyment

The Science Curriculum is enriched through a range of activitieseach year including;

  • Trips to the Centre for Life
  • Big Bang North East
  • STEM Challenges
  • STEM Ambassadors
  • Visits from Science Roadshows eg. RAF BAE rocket roadshow