Wednesday 01 April 2020


Design & Technology allows students to understand how different products and technologies impact on our every day lives. Students experience what materials are used and how sustainability of our resources is so important for the environment.

We look at how manufacturing techniques are constantly improving and the implications of this on social and environmental issues.

Through Design & Technology students become independent thinkers, problem solvers, designers, work in teams and experience manufacturing processes including CAD/CAM.

The projects delivered in KS3 and KS4 allow the students to become creative thinkers, able to communicate through drawing, annotations and verbal skills. Manufacturing has to be planned and health & safety is a major part of this.

Design and technology enables pupils to

  • Understand how DT affects our lives
  • Contribute to the use and development of technology in our society.
  • Become independent workers
  • Become problem solvers
  • Understand the impact of design & manufacture on our environment
  • Develop an open and enquiring mind
  • To design and make products of quality
  • To improve self esteem of young designers
  • Make informed evaluations of products.

All work is evaluated by peers and any target market they have worked to. All the skills and processes learnt give the student an excellent grounding to move on and be successful at GCSE Product Design and Hospitality and Catering.

Department Ethos

The department aims to encourage quality work and develop pupil’s potential by providing an interesting, stimulating and enjoyable practical environment. As a department we have worked hard to produce a comprehensive, integrated and enjoyable set of modules which inspire the pupils to develop their creative flair.